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Each plant has different requirements of inspection and maintenance. Our individual coordination takes place prior to commencement of the works in order to avoid unnecessary expenses for the client, however, ensuring the necessary safety.

Should there occur any breakdown in spite of best maintenance, our service team will be at site within shortest time. Our staff is always up-to-date due to continuous further education.

In case of renewals and expansions of plants or equipment’s at issue, refurbishment measures may turn out to be just as efficient and reasonable. Why replace a practically indestructible basis substance completely by a new one, often being less high-graded, if you can achieve a perfectly functioning plant by replacing only a few wear and tear as well as spare parts? As a regional operating company, we have specialized in reconstruction and overhaul of plants in the water, wastewater and waste treatment sector. Thanks to our long-standing experience of assembly, inspection, commissioning, maintenance and repairs, we understand the needs of our clients and know how important quality service.

We are an expanding and innovative company operating in the field of environmental and landfill technology. We have acquired excellent engineering knowledge of the process technology and other relevant technology needed to collect and utilize landfill gas to include;

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• Underground cabling works
• Street lighting works
• Electrical, automation,
• Stp plants
• Lifting stations

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Riyadh Tanks offers unlimited capacities and a wide range of Reverse osmosis plants that will fit the client’s needs expectations, The higher demand plants are custom designed for unlimited capacities. Such plants are used the Industrial, Domestic, and Irrigation fields with such capacities as 10,000m3/d and above.

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Riyadh Tanks offers a full service package that guarantees maximum operational safety while at the same time committing to excellence.