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Instrumentation Works:

Riyadh Tanks Contracting Company is specialized in Electromechanical works, has the capability to execute all type of Low current systems, Instrumentation, Communication, security and life safety systems head end equipment & field devices installation, pre commissioning, Testing & Commissioning of all Extra Low Voltage systems including clearing all Inspections and able to make final handover documentations as per client requirements. Our Engineers are capable of installing & performing the testing & commissioning of complete range of ELV systems namely Instrumentation & Control systems, Communication systems, Telephone, Data, Wireless Access systems, Hotspots, Public Address systems, Paging systems, Equipment room infrastructure, Radio Communication, Racks and accessories, patch cables, Horizontal & Vertical cabling systems, control cables, patch cords, splicing, joining, multi pair cables, Fiber optic cables single/multi cores, Cat 6A Cables, Master Clock System, Fire alarm systems, Video Surveillance System CCTV, Video Surveillance System ACS, Security systems includes CCTV, Access Control systems, Burglar Alarm systems, Motion detection systems, Intruder detection systems, security fence systems. We can do Installation of Site Temporary Facilities Includes Offices, Warehouses & Camps, Construction Supports & Plant Maintenance, Shutdowns, General Services & other miscellaneous installations of site requirements as required.

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Riyadh Tanks offers a full service package that guarantees maximum operational safety while at the same time committing t0 excellence.